Spinner Game

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This is one of the many ways in which we can use “hand spinners” or “fidget spinners” in our English class to engage our students. This is a Spelling Game that can be adapted to any level.

Para esta brincadeira você vai precisar de:

  • Hand Spinner

Como brincar

Make a circle, sitting on the floor with the kids.
Place the slips of paper on the floor, forming a circle.
Put the hand spinner in the centre.
Put a sticker on one of the spinner’s bearings, so that you know where the spinner is pointing at.
Decide who is going first. Each child has to spin the spinner and spell out the word it’s pointing at.
Students can use their fingers to make the spinner stop more quickly.
To make it more difficult, the child can be challenged to spell out the word without reading it.
Brincar é a essência de ser criança!

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  1. Good afternoon, Carla.
    How are you?
    I really enjoyed the way you have used the fidget spinner in this game. I am sure kids have enjoyed it.

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