Outdoor dictation

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Brincar com a turma

It’s a fun and lively dictation to practice spelling using the 4 skills.

Para esta brincadeira você vai precisar de:

  • 1 marker
  • 1 sheet of paper

Como brincar

In a sheet of paper, write down 10 words/sentences you want to practice with your group.
Number the words/sentences.
Stick it outside the classroom.
Divide your class into 2 groups.
Everyone in the goup is responsible for copying a word/sentence.
In order to help your students, tell them, previously, the number of the word they are going to copy or just number your students according to the number of words/sentences.
Students number 1 from each group must go outside, read the 1st word/sentence, come back to the classroom and dictate it to the rest of the group. Everyone in the group must write the words dictated (including the one who is dictating), paying attention to Capital letters, punctuation and spelling. When student number 2 finishes writing, he/she goes outside for the 2nd word, comes back, dictate and so on.
As soon as the whole group finishes all the words/sentences, the game is over. The winner is the group who gets the correct spelling of all words dictated.
• You can play a lively song while students are playing the game.
Brincar é a essência de ser criança!

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