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This game is a deviation of “I have never”, which has already been posted by Elizabeth Amorim. This version involves some TPR activity, though.
The goal is to practice the present perfect and also attend Kinesthaetic learners.

Para esta brincadeira você vai precisar de:

  • A group of at least 6 participants and 5 seats. Learners may write down their sentences in advance. You may have more participants.

Como brincar

Teacher may ask learners to write down their sentences in advance or do it orally. Something they have never done. Eg: “I have never been to the USA.” – sic Learner 1
Participants place their seats forming a horseshoe shape. MIND YOU: due to the desks available, I asked learners to stand in front of their own desks instead of sitting.
One of the learners will stand facing the circle and say something s/he has never done, i.e. has been deprived of.
The participants who are sitting have to change seats quickly if they have done what the learner standing says. If they also have been deprived of that, they may remain sat.
The learner who is standing also has to find a seat. The learner who cannot find their seat will stand and say the next sentence to the group. And so it goes on and forth.
Brincar é a essência de ser criança!

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