Colour Hunt

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This game is basically a treasure hunt with coloured markers.
Each student or group receives a different list of colours that must be found on the right sequence.

Para esta brincadeira você vai precisar de:

  • coloured markers

Como brincar

Hide different markers around an open space.
Divide the students in groups.
Write a different sequence of the same colours on each piece of paper.
Students start looking for the markers, and must find them according to the sequence on the papers.
If a wrong colour is found at the wrong time, the marker is left where it is.
If the right colour is found at the right time, the group runs to the teacher, shows the marker and writes the full name of the colour on a paper held by the teacher with the correct sequence for each group.
The students put the marker back where it was, so as other groups can find it at their right time too.
The winner is the group that completes the sequence of colours first.
Brincar não é perder tempo!

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