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Brincar com a turma
Brincar ao ar livre

It is a game to work on reflexes and any vocabulary or grammar topic. And also helps them develop the ability of thinking and speaking of different topics all at once.

Para esta brincadeira você vai precisar de:

  • Balls of different colours or sizes.

Como brincar

Make a circle.
Define what which ball stands for.
They must throw the ball and say whatever topic was designated to it.
If you have three balls maybe you can ask them to also call out their friend’s name so they won’t be caught of guard.
With J2 we used a ball for body parts, another one for alphabet and the third one for numbers this planning 4. And the second time we played we added the challenge of having to say the alphabet in order.
With T2 we worked on structures: one with present simple, the next with past simple and the last with present perfect.
Brincar ensina a cuidar do meio ambiente, a descobrir como as coisas são feitas e a valorizar o que é simples!

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